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Associate Environmental Assessor (AEnvA) TM

Associate Environmental Assessor (AEnvA) TM is a broad designation for environmental practitioners who have the specific qualifications based on education, training, and experience to render professional opinion, decision, prepare and/or implement appropriate plans and strategies in the following areas, but who, at the time of application, do not meet the minimum experience requirements for Certified Environmental Assessor (CEnvA)TM or Professional Environmental Assessor (PEnvA)TM.

This designation requires the following:

  • At least a bachelor’s or higher degree (or their equivalent for those who studied outside the United States) from an accredited institution of higher education in a discipline of engineering, science, law, management or other environmentally relevant areas.  Schools that are exempt from accreditation requirements by virtue of government legislation are assumed accredited. 

A master’s degree or a doctoral degree (or their equivalent for those who studied outside the United States) in any relevant discipline (e.g., engineering, science, health, management, business, law, etc.) may be counted as the equivalent of additional two years and three years, respectively, of relevant experience.  A successful operation of an environmentally oriented company as owner, partner, CEO, president, etc., for at least five (5) years will be counted as the equivalent of one additional year of relevant experience for every three (3) years of operation for up to the equivalent of five (5) years.  For example, an environmental practitioner who has a master’s degree who worked for one (1) year and later operated his own business as a CEO for five (5) years will have an equivalent of nine (9) years of full-time relevant experience (i.e., 1 year for employment, plus 2 years for master’s degree, plus 5 years for 5 years in business, plus 1 additional equivalent year for operating his business, 1 year for each 3 years).