American Environmental Society, LLC


United in the Study, Management, Preservation and Protection of the Environment

Benefits to Members

  • AES individual members become part of a worldwide community with vast networking opportunities for information exchange, as well as academic, career, and business advancement.

  • AES professional credentials recognize broad expertise in environmental education and practice.

  • AES professional credentials provide personal satisfaction and encourage consistent ethical and professional practice.

  • AES professional credentials offer an advantage in the job market and career development and are expected to result to higher levels of responsibility and/or compensation.

  • AES professional credentials enhance credibility in consulting and legal testimony.

  • AES professional credentials offer a way of identifying a member in an embossing seal, ink stamp, or electronic seal (JPEG) affixed in documents and letters.  CLICK for examples of seals/stamps.

  • AES professional credential designations placed after a member's name (e.g., AEnvA, CEnvA, PEnvA, and DipAES) command credibility, respect, and honor.  For example: Andrew P. Smith, PhD, PEnvA, DipAES