American Environmental Society, LLC

AES Code of Conduct and Practice

AES expects its individual members to adhere to the highest professional conduct as they deal and interact with the public, their colleagues, other people, the future generation, the government, and the environment.  To advocate professionalism in environmental practice, project and promote respect, competence and dignity of the AES designation of the member, and encourage growth and development of its members, it is the duty of all AES individual members to practice their profession according to this Code of Conduct and Practice.

Acting with Integrity, Credibility and Humility
Act with integrity and credibility wherever we are.  Strive at all times to exercise intelligent and good judgment and stay away from the appearance of improper or questionable behavior.  Exhibit competence through adequate education and training and by remaining current with developments in one’s field while humbly and respectfully understanding personal limitations of each one.  Maintain integrity in all publications and give due credit to the contributions of others.

Keeping Accurate Records and Rendering Good Report
Ensure the accuracy of all data and records generated in the exercise of our profession.  Ascertain that all reports and information provided to our clients, regulatory authorities, colleagues and the public are thorough, fair and unexaggerated, accurate and substantiated, technically and scientifically sound, lawful, timely and nonpremature, understandable, clear and not misleading.  Avoid breaching confidentiality in every aspect of our work.

Considering as Paramount Public Health, Safety and Welfare
Practice our profession with public health, safety and welfare and the protection, preservation, and proper management of the environment paramount in our minds, both locally and worldwide, considering the present and future generations.  

Adequate Consideration of Available Resources
Develop proposals, decisions, conclusions and recommendations by performing careful, appropriate and adequate review and consideration of best available and technically and economically feasible alternatives, and soliciting consultation with other environmental professionals within the same, related or different areas of expertise whenever warranted.

Contributing to and Sharing in Environmental Practice
Share information and seek to contribute to the body of knowledge and advancement in environmental practice involving the study, management, preservation and protection of local as well as worldwide environment.

Exercising a Culture of Compliance
Follow the law where we are.  Be honest in all matters and be accountable for our actions.  At all times practice appropriate conduct.   Never strive to achieve business results at the expense of proper conduct or compliance with the AES Code of Conduct and Practice or the law.  

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Personal interests and relationships must not interfere with our ability to make appropriate and legitimate decisions in the exercise of our profession. A conflict of interest arises when personal activities and relationships interfere, or appear to interfere, with the ability to exercise proper judgment or make the best recommendation.

Dealing with Governments
The nature and exercise of environmental practice sometimes requires interaction with officials of governments or regulatory agencies.   We should not offer anything to a government official in return for favorable treatment.  Bribery of government officials is against the AES Code of Conduct and Practice.  A bribe is giving or offering to give anything of value to a government or regulatory agency official to influence a discretionary decision.

Dealing with Others
Always deal fairly and professionally with clients, peers and the public, treating them with honesty, respect, dignity, and without discrimination.  Do not get involved in an unfair, deceptive or misleading practice of our profession. Always conduct and present environmental practice with transparency and honesty.  Do not offer, promise or provide anything to a client, colleague, business associate, or accept anything from a product or service supplier, in exchange for an inappropriate advantage or favor.

Dealing with Fellow AES Members
Respect our fellow members and encourage the professional growth and provide opportunities for the development of AES student members and those members who are less educated or experienced.  Where possible, provide opportunities for information exchange, networking and collaboration in the interest of mutual growth and benefit.


United in the Study, Management, Preservation and Protection of the Environment