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American Environmental Society, LLC

Continuing Education

Credit Report

and Membership Renewal

Individual Membership is renewed annually.  About three months before the expiration of membership, the member is notified.  If changes in professional designations are desired, then new application forms for the new designations sought for should be submitted.

To maintain designation, it is not mandatory to submit a Continuing Education Credit Report. However, it is to the advantage of the member to remain current in his/her field through participation in relevant continuing education or other activities. For those who conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in the United States, and for those who follow the United States standards outside of the United States, one of the requirements for Environmental Professional (as defined in §312.10 of 40 CFR Part 312 ) is to remain current in his/her field through participation in continuing education or other activities. It is suggested that the AES member attend approximately 15 credits a year. The Continuing Education Credit Report form is provided as a way to encourage the member to remain current in his/her field. This form is submitted every year on the anniversary of the member's application to AES.

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