American Environmental Society, LLC


An Individual Member is an individual environmental practitioner from anywhere in the world.  There are specific requirements for members conferred with different designations/credentials.  Individual Members derive many benefits as a result of being part of AES. 


To apply for Individual Membership, explore the information presented under QUALIFICATION CRITERIA.  Read the qualification requirements for all the designations and determine which ones you want to apply for. Then, go to APPLICATIONS, fill out the small form and click SUBMIT. This will take you to the forms you need to fill out. The instructions are all there on what to submit, how to submit and how much and how to pay.  Encourage your colleagues to join as well. Once you are accepted as a member (except for student members), you are rewarded US $25.00 for each one you invite who becomes a member.  While we realize that your effort at inviting someone is worth more than this amount, it is a small incentive to spread the word and help AES fulfill its Vision and Mission.

If you belong to an environmentally oriented organization or employer, we encourage you to have your organization/employer apply to be an AFFILIATE MEMBER at no charge. 


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